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You click open... your heart expands and you’re instantly transported into a whole new dimension where the mundane struggle of everyday life fades away. 

Your month ahead is now filled with inspiration, insight, love and healing!

 You already feel SO much better! YAY! 

  • PLUS 2 BONUS GIFTS in your first month!
  • Healing infused channelled meditation MP3 download.
  • Monthly channelled wisdom PDF.
  • Video of Illumination Oracle reading for the month ahead.
  • Written snapshot of month ahead reading for easy referral.
  • Monthly video Healing to support your spiritual growth.
  • Inspirational Spotlight to bring a smile to your heart  

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PLUS 2 Bonus Surprises during your first month!

Every month your inbox will light up with: 

  • Achannelled message infused with pure vibrational healing from the Star Beings of Channelling Love, as a high quality downloadable audio MP3 file. You can listen to it first thing in the morning, last thing at night or even while you’re bored to tears at work. 
  • A sumptuous PDF version of the channelling so you can print it out and receive the healing as you read the words… as many times as you wish. Because you know you’ll want to. 
  • A live video of me sharing a 'month ahead reading' using the Illumination Oracle Deck. With a one card for each week you will receive grounded, straight to the point guidance for each week of the month ahead… along with a sprinkling of insight and humour to lighten up your month.
  • A written snapshot of the month ahead reading for easy referral and reminders during the month. Includes images of the cards and their accompanying channelled message. 
  • Video Healing to support, expand and enlighten your spiritual growth and healing.
  • The Inspirational Spotlight... be it an uplifting story, music, art, meme, video... it'll be that big 'little something' that lights up your heart and inspires you through the month.
  • Exclusive access at a special discounted rate to join any of the monthly fully incorporated channellings held in the private Channelling Love Membership Group. The channellings take place through Zoom video conferencing and include guided meditation into the Star Being's presence, minimum of 20 minutes Pure Vibrational Healing, Spoken Guidance & wisdom from the Star Beings and open floor to share experiences and ask questions afterwards. £20 per channelling and booked through the Heal, Thrive & Rise email.

I am passionately committed to helping you through the ups and downs of everyday life. 

Again and again I receive messages from people that have read one of my channellings and felt the healing vibration of Channelling Love come through to them. Whether it was a webinar replay, audio recording or just a post on Facebook, the healing presence of these Star Beings reaches out and connects with you, to raise your vibration, help heal your body, move deeper into your heart and postively transform all areas of your life.

Common experiences within the vibration of Channelling Love 

  • Warmth and tingling in your body. 
  • A sense of comfort and of feeling safe. 
  • Relief from physical ailments and symptoms. 
  • Waves of love that can’t be put into words. 
  • Seeing vivid colours. 
  • Emotional releases through euphoria, bliss, grief, frustration, anger. 

  • Enhanced connection with your guides and angels. 
  • Deep peace. 
  • Epiphanies regarding your life’s circumstances.
  • Answers appearing from seeminly nowhere.
  • A strong sense of being truly seen.
  • Increased creativity.

I know what it's like when life's a struggle and you just need a bit of a boost, a hug and a helping hand.

I have seen the positve transformation and healing that people have moved through from my channellings, readings and healing and I am totally committed to making all of this accessible to you.

So, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your circumstances, the Star Beings of Channelling Love are here to awaken, transform and heal your heart and life NOW!

It’s time for you to HEAL, THRIVE & RISE! 

Much Love,

SALLY CLARIDGE Incorporating Channel, Healer & Transformational Teacher 

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